About Christer Rasmusson

Thank you for opening up this page.

I am the founder of Team Rasmusson. I started this “project” in the summer of 2016. But it all started much earlier than that…

I had the great privilege to serve as a missionary, for the church that I am a member of, in England in the area close to Birmingham. As a missionary we teach people. We teach them about our believes, but we also inspire, encourage and teach people to make positive changes in their lives. In the spring of 1993, I had an experience that changed my life. One day, while out biking, on our way home, I had to stop my bike and really take in the (almost) overwhelming feeling I had. I felt really strongly, that when I get back home - later on that year, I want to start my own business. I want to have a business where I inspire people to make positive changes in their lives. I want to have my own planning system where I help people to set up the goals and the right structure to reach those goals.

That was the beginning of what later on became; McCarthy Business Consulting AB. In that company, I have since 2004, developed five seminars, two workshops, two coach program and one planning system. I have also written 2 books. But it was in the beginning of 2016 I felt that I wanted to take my business to the next level. That is when the idea of Team Rasmusson was born.

But it was first when Maya Rust, from Germany, joined us things really started to happen. She became the leader of Team Rasmusson in Europe and she brought some great ideas into this project. She also brought in her contacts from different places of the world. You can really say that when Maya joined us she took this to the next next level.

Today Team Rasmusson is not a “project” any more. It has become my main business. It is totally in harmony with my mission and vision, and the passion I have. Team Rasmusson is all about; living your dream while helping others to live theirs. I have been given the honour to actually work with this, and with people that share my passion for uplifting others.

I have eight wonderful children, together with my first wife. I am since September 2017 remarried to a beautiful and talented woman, from Russia. She have two wonderful daughters - so it’s safe to say that I have a huge family. Which I love and truly value.

I hope you find the information, on this website, of use and value for you. Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions. You will find my email details under; Contact Us, in the meny of this site.

Thank you for stopping by...