About Team Rasmusson

Hi, my name is Christer.

Welcome to Team Rasmusson!

Our mission is; “Living your dream by helping others to live theirs”. This is what we are truly passionate about and a value we all share. If you are interested in personal development, leadership or want to know how to coach people to reach their own success - this is the place for you. We have the best training available within these areas, and to a price everyone can afford.

These are the main reasons why I think you love Team Rasmusson;

The training
All the training we give we have a lot of use of in our own lives. Both within our families, our careers, our businesses or even in our leadership. The training will help us to grow, within every area and aspects of life, but it also helps us to reach better goals and to have a better focus on our priorities.

The business opportunity
Start your own online business, at home, and work worldwide. Coach people online from the choice of your own convenience. Learn how to coach people to set and reach better goals and how they can stay focused on their priorities. You can coach people and help them to turn their own visions into reality. As a member of Team Rasmusson you get certified in the coach model that I have developed, and coached over 350 clients.

The international network
The best way to take your business internationally is to build worldwide connections. Even if those international connections are doing the same thing as you are doing (coaching online) you can find both future business partners, customers and friends for life here. Most of us already have friends from far places in the world, but in Team Rasmusson you can find new connections that have the same passion as you do for personal development and leadership. Joining Team Rasmusson really is to open up the door to the rest of the world.

As a member of Team Rasmusson you get to learn how to Turn Your Vision Into Reality and how to help others to do the same.

Send us a mail to; info@mccarthy.se if you want to know more about us. Or if you want to sign up as a member you can click here.

Again, Welcome to Team Rasmusson.