Turn your vision into reality

This book will help you to turn your own vision into your reality.

The book is divided in 3 parts;
  1. Why we need visions and goals
    (How to jumpstart your brain into action)
  2. Why so many fail to accomplish their goals
    (What is holding so many back and what can you do to not fall into that trap)
  3. How to accomplish your goals
    (Here you will get the structure that helps you to stay focused on your priorities)

What separates the winners from the non-winners is that the winners put their marching boots on and do what the non-winners don't do. In this book you will learn how to put those marching boots on and become a winner, where you can live your dream.

"A salary is a drug they give you to forget your dreams."
-Kevin O'leary

Stop being addicted to that drug. If you don't work on your dream someone will pay you to work on theirs. In this book you will come to learn what you need to do to live your dream.

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