Testimonials - Team McCarthy

To answer the question, why I decided to join Team McCarthy, is an easy one. I have been working with people for ages now, and I will not tell the years, but is has been a while. As an alternative psychotherapist, and personal coach, I observe the scene to know what is new and how to improve. What I have noticed is, that the coaching industry works pretty similar to the diet industry. Both are the highest growing industries and both do not seem to bring the promised results. When I met Christer I was curious to learn about his methods and if my clients may benefit from this. Well, they do. To be at the seminars is fun, something that is normally not associated with a seminar. What he says is easy to understand, no previous education needed and easy to apply to real life. There might be nothing new under the sun, but the way it is presented and taught is essential. The international team is adorable and I love to be in touch with the other members. One of the best things is the price. This is affordable for people who really need it and cannot spend a fortune for a program. You want results and live your dream by helping others to live theirs? Welcome to the club and if you have any questions, just contact anyone of the team. Hope to see you soon.
- Maya Rust, Germany

The ethos behind Team McCarthy holds values that supports each of us, that is - building ourselves, by building each other. We each have a level of dependance on others. Realising this and then acting on it towards the support of others will bring success to everyone. I joined team McCarthy because, after watching the first Seminar and coaching session, I could see how Christer has taken this value and placed it into a framework with simple structure. By doing so he is coaching others to build and strengthen themselves, and in turn others, to the benefit of societies all over the world. The value of these seminars and coaching sessions has potential too far exceed the financial cost. I recommend anyone to take the time to investigate further.
- Joanna Meacham, UK

"Who you are speaks so loudly I can't hear what you're saying.” This quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson describes exactly the type of coach, trainer and teacher Christer Rasmusson is. When he’s addressing his audience he speaks from the inside. He captivates you so you can make the commitment to become better than you were prior to joining his team. I am extremely grateful to start being the person I am meant to be thanks to this company, more importantly this family which is Team McCarthy. Making the decision to be with them is one of the best choices that I ever made in my life.
- Mackenson Noel, Haiti

What are your highest priorities in life? How do you turn your vision into reality? The coaching in Team McCarthy creates an awareness of what is important in your life and what is not. We live in a world with excessive demands, which at times can be overwhelming. Joining Team McCarthy has helped me to put things into perspective and work on my life-work balance. The coaching method used, help you to recognize what you have to do in order to make changes, to set the right priorities and goals in your life.
- Silke Rottländer, Germany

As a member of Team McCarthy, I am very happy to be a part of this team because Christer Rasmusson is a devoted coach who’s vision is to help others through his coaching and seminars. After attending two of his seminars I have made plans for my future business and I feel more and more confident to venture myself in it.
- Patrick S. C. Etheard, The Dominican Republic

I choose Team McCarthy because I found everything I was looking for. Christer, as a coach, is very open and talk freely about his own mistakes that he have made and how they have come to change his life to the better. He knows how to talk about difficult things in an easy way that everyone can understand and relate too. He focus on the most important things that I have never been thinking about, but even after one seminar I understood what I was doing wrong and how I can change it. Team McCarthy really is a place to help people grow.
- Florentina Sederaviciute, Lithuania

This has been an amazing experience and what I really like about Team McCarthy is that this is a community that are really caring and loving. I was impressed, and from the first time I attended a group coaching call I knew that this was going to be my new family. They make you feel like you are home. So I made the decision to be part of Team McCarthy from the beginning. Christer is an excellent Coach and mentor, with a lot of knowledge, that really cares for, and love people. I feel very blessed to be part of this team.
- Rosy Castillo, USA

I have been working for many years as a health- and personal coach, and I am always looking for ways to improve my skills so that I can bring even greater value to my clients. I missed the first seminar and Christer was so kind have a special one for me and my son. I don’t know what I really expected but Christer did for sure over delivered. It is easy to relate to his seminars and he gives the team great tools to improve in the areas which they wish to do so. I really enjoy the international background of the team and that we support each other. If you are looking for a coaching system that works without putting you under the pressure or break the bank, this is the right place for you to be.
- Rob Clark, UK

If you want someone to listen to you, perhaps you should change the way you talk. And if you want to change, then maybe you should change whom you are listening to...
It was a life changing experience, for me, when I listened and saw Christer for the first time. It’s not so much about what he says, but rather how you feel. When I heard him, I knew that he knows what he is talking about and I decided to listen to him with a great continuity. That was a great decision I made in my life. He is a master teacher.
- Nerosil Gethro, Haiti

I have been teaching people, giving seminars by myself, for about ten years. But I had little to no success. I lacked a lot of the skills and understanding. But since I have been a part of Team McCarthy I know what I need to succeed. Christer’s seminars, and coaching sessions, are the sure way for anyone to be able to succeed in their life or in any field of work they are doing. And most of all; If you want to help others achieve success - then Team McCarthy is the place to be.
- Vytautas Andrulevicius, Lithuania