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About McCarthy

McCarthy provide some of the best training programs available for leaders and businesses to achieve their goals. We have extensive experience of inspiring people and businesses to improve their results. Our goal is to develop the most effective tools for you to have focus on your highest priority.
Our training programs are developed based on our mission; “Inspiring people and businesses to achieve excellence”.

In line with our mission we have developed training courses that provide you with the tools to;
  • Stay focused on your highest priority
  • Get a better structure to reach all of your goals
  • Invest in yourself and your personal development
  • Have all your employees to share the same vision
  • Get all employees to work towards the same goal with a stronger commitment
  • Create more, and better, leaders
  • and much much more...
Our training courses are found in the variety of; seminars, workshops and personal coaching, also available trough Skype. We have training including seminars from two hours up to courses for three whole days.
All our training and tools are developed to help you to have focus on your highest priority. Two quotes that sums up our business idea are; “What you do Monday to Saturday separates you from the rest of the league.” (Julio Jones) And, “Chase the vison not the money, the money will end up following you.” (Tony Hsieh)

Contact us for more information about our training, public seminars or our DVDs and CDs, on info@mccarthy.se