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About Christer Rasmusson

Christer Rasmusson is the founder of McCarthy Business Consulting AB and one of the experts in leadership and personal achievement in Scandinavia.

Christer is well known to inspire people to achieve greater results, and to clarify some of the principles that many struggle with in their lives and leadership.

He lives with his wife Maureen and their 8 children right outside Jönköping in Sweden. He has given about 300 seminars and workshops and coached about 200 - 250 executives, entrepreneurs, leaders and people in sales. On his spare you'll find him out in nature, being with his family or reading a good book and develop new skills as well as cultivating and evolving the ones he already has.

Two of his favorite quotes are:
"What you do Monday - Saturday separates you from the rest of the league."
-Julio Jones

"Don't dream of winning, train for it."
-Mo Farah