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McCarthy offers a partner opportunity

McCarthy is working with training courses in Personal Development and Leadership. Most of our courses is about "Helping our customers to have focus on their highest priority - All of the time". Our mission is "Inspiring people and businesses to achieve excellence". We have 5 seminars, 2 workshops, 1 coaching program, 1 planning tool and 1 package with a combination of seminar, workshops, coaching and follow up.

Our partner opportunity is for you that already have a business and are looking for more training courses to add to your current portfolio, or are looking for a completely new business to add to your company. With our partner license you can work with our concept all over the world. You are free to use our concept to your own customers or we can help you in your marketing to find new customers.

Our customers can use us as a "one-off" as a motivational speaker, where we just give a seminar. Or they can engage us for a "long term relationship" where we do seminars, workshops, coaching and follow up.

Some of our courses is just a "feel good seminar". And in some we provide them with the tools to have focus on their highest priority. In our workshops and coaching program we take it a bit further. Here we help them to identify their highest priority and set up the goals and strategies on how to have focus on it - all of the time. In our coaching program we help individuals to do this, with all different roles in their lives. In our workshops we help companies, departments or organizations to do this. We have helped about 50 companies to identify their highest priority, and coached about 200 - 250 executives.

The keys to the success of our concept is;
  • It’s very easy. Everyone can understand it and relate to it.
  • All the principles that we are teaching is applicable in all areas of life.
  • We have a product for all our principles that we are teaching about.
  • We talk about the whole person, all the roles in our lives and how they are connected to each other.
  • We have a fully 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We have had the great privilege of coaching about 200 - 250 executives and there is a huge amount of learning experience from this.

For more information, contact Christer Rasmusson on christer.rasmusson@mccarthy.se