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"Christer Rasmusson was a very inspiring speaker who cleverly interspersed humorous perspective on everyday events, with deep insights of life and leadership. The hands-on advice was practical and well-founded. I left the seminar with a desire to increase my focus on both private as professional vision work, and putting more emphasis on planning and monitoring. This is a seminar I wish everyone would take part of."
- Anders Fogelberg, Manager - Marketing & Business development, SKF Nordic

"As a manager, it is often difficult to focus and maintain focus on the important issues. It’s easy to put too much of the attention on what is urgent but not important. The result is often that one works a lot but not always effective, which often the family will suffer for. McCarthy has a tool that helps me to stay focused on what’s important, both at work and privately. On the occasions when I’m not using McCarthy’s tool my situation becomes more stressful and I’m less effective. By following the five steps McCarthy developed, I feel I have more control over my situation. I will be a better manager, a better father and friend which means I can heartily recommend McCarthy Business Consulting."
- Ulf Persson, Local Operations Manager, DHL Express (Sweden) AB

"This is the first in its kind that I have come across. McCarthy’s Time Management uniquely combines day to day time management with medium and long term goals in line with a mission statement. It respects the individual as one coherent entity with many roles and it focuses attention to planning on the personal and corporate front, therefore creating a better balance for our managers in their day to day life. The follow up sessions with a personal coach provide an excellent platform to analyse and re-formulate the long term vision that drives our day to day behavior, helping us clarify how and where the two are connected and influence each other. This changes the way we manage in our organisation, because as a minimum we have become much more aware of the need for a long term direction and subsequently the need for a change in our behavior as managers; we now aim to pro-actively and consciously align all our important decisions and actions to our mission statement, whether at departmental, executive, organizational or cross-functional level. Unlike most courses that set out to change behavior of any kind, McCarthy’s Time Management course adds a practical tool - a custom made planning system to support the course content which can be used on a daily basis by our first and second line managers. Money well spent."
- Erik van Geest, Application Delivery Manager Nordics, Electrolux ITS

"I felt the frustration of never quite catching up. This applied particularly to my family, which often had to sit in the ‘hang’ in favor of the job. McCarthy’s program has given me a greater understanding of what I need to do to find a harmony in my work, family and leisure. This has resulted in a better balance, more time for my family and especially to myself and my personal development. I feel less stressed and more focused, which leads to better results in any given situation."
- Peter Hemmingsson, CEO, Canon Center Jönköping/Värnamo

"Like many others, I have experienced the frustration of not keeping up with all the demands or found it difficult to stay focused on what I’m doing at the moment. With McCarthy’s help, my value-centered vision is clarified, and by now consciously plan and prioritize after this gets all the roles the right place in my life. Through better planning, I am now more focused on what I do, reaching better results. McCarthy has helped me be in control of my time."
- Pär Sandberg, Sales coach, Sharp Center Värnamo

"This is not only time management but also Life Management. I think McCarthy has a well thought-out concept, which leads to reflection and support in the continued life journey."
- Jan Andreasson, Senior Advisor, TeliaSonera AB

"If I had not gone McCarthy’s coaching program, there is a risk that later on in my life I had begun to think about and question what I’ve done with my life. Now I feel that the likelihood of experiencing this is not so great. I want to resemble our life to sailing. To be able to navigate correctly I need to know where I’m going and where on the chart I am. McCarthy’s five steps will help me navigate this way in my life. Now when I have identified my priorities, and have an awareness of where I am and where I’m going, I do have a greater chance to succeed as an individual, in my relationship, as a father and as a manager."
- Henrik Staffansson, Group Manager, E-ON Elnät Sverige AB

"Participating in McCarthy’s seminar gave me a will and desire to do something about my situation. Previously I suffered often by feelings of guilt and / or discomfort because there was never enough time. This also meant that I often felt exhausted and worn out. After undergoing McCarthy’s program I have concretized what is important to me and have a tool to help stay focused on it. I have also received a tool that helps me to better find the way in difficult and complex situations. The course also made clear how I through my choices affect and take responsibility for my life."
- Lotta Lindh, Office Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton AB